What to expect

When in Hawaiʻi, do as the Hawaiians do. Go fishing! Take advantage of Oahu’s abundant waters, renowned for some of the finest fishing in the world. Did you know that the largest marlin ever caught weighed 1,805 pounds and was caught from a boat moored at Kewalo Basin Harbor? Try your hand at catching yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, striped marlin and countless other fish popular in Hawaiʻi. Not only will you spend a few hours admiring the crystal blue waters, you’ll have an excellent chance at snagging fresh catch for dinner. Fishing tours out of Kewalo Basin Harbor typically offer deep-sea fishing or shallow water bottom fishing from top-of-the-line charter boats.

Sashimi II Sport Fishing

Sashimi II Sport Fishing offers daytime and sunset bottom fishing, jigging, big game trolling, and midnight shark hunts on 2 custom fiberglass boats – 65’ fully equipped Deltas with stabilizers that are coast guard certified. ...


Sashimi I Sport Fishing

Sashimi I Sport Fishing offers private big game trolling, jigging or bottom fishing for up to six passengers on a 40’ custom sport fisher....


Island Charters Sport Fishing

Hop aboard the 46-footer Mazel Tov and your retired U.S. Marine captain will lead the way to marlin, mahi mahi, tuna and wahoo....


E Sea Ride Her

E Sea Rider Her is a 74-foot luxury yacht with a 24 foot beam....