What To Expect

Soar several hundred feet above the coast of Oahu, and surrender to the exhilaration of parasailing. Adrenaline junkies may be hooked on this thrilling water sport, but make no mistake: parasailing is fun for the whole family. The adventure starts with a boat ride. You’ll be attached to a parasail wing (similar to a parachute) and then strapped into a harness connected to the boat. As soon as the boat starts moving, the parasail catches wind. Little by little, up you go. In no time, you’ll let go of your fears and relish the intoxicating views below. You’ll also get a birds-eye view of the majestic Koko Head and Koʻolau Mountain Range.

X-treme Parasail and Jet Ski

Attention adrenaline junkies: X-treme Parasail and Jetski is your water sports adventure specialist. When it comes to intense heights and speed, we’re the experts....