Local surfer, photographer and writer Lance Arinaga shares his day at Kewalo Basin Harbor


Fish at sunrise. Surf all day. Unwind at night. You can spend an entire day’s worth of activities without leaving a single stretch of shore…


Kewalo Basin Harbor is a hidden gem buried away in the dynamic Kaka’ako District, right alongside Ala Moana Boulevard between Ward Avenue and Ala Moana Park Drive.



For many locals it’s more than just a welcome respite from the day to day bustle of Honolulu living, but a quiet reminder of Ward Village’s commitment to eco-conscious development and its steady transformation into a truly integrated community—a place where commerce respectfully dwells side by side with Hawaii’s natural beauty.



It makes perfect sense then that a shore break with so much surfing on its mind has its sights set on the web. Kewalo Basin Harbor now allows the community to schedule the fun-filled activities it has to offer ahead of time online at


Surfing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, (and many more that don’t just start with an “S”) are now at your very fingertips.


Meaning the second Siri gives you that surf report, you can easily book your maritime session in between slipping on your fins and board shorts.


Lance Arinaga has provided visual content for over a decade to various national and international companies in both print and video mediums respectively. He is currently the Senior Photo Editor for Contrast Magazine. His favorite breaks are Kewalos, Ehukai and Courts.


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