Selection of Hawaii Administrative Rules for Kewalo Harbor

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§15-212-67 Permittee’s responsibility for wharf area.

Each permittee shall be responsible for keeping the area near the permittee’s assigned mooring free from litter, debris and discard.

§15-212-99 Repair, manufacturing, construction or maintenance work on wharf. No person shall make any repair or do any kind of manufacturing, construction or maintenance work on any wharf without the permission of the harbormaster. All authorized repairs, construction or maintenance work may only be done during KBH business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. HST, Monday through Sunday.

§15-212-102 Standards of cleanliness.

All vessels moored at the Kewalo Harbor mooring and berthing facility shall be kept, at all times, in a condition of reasonable cleanliness and sanitation so as not to constitute a common nuisance or potential source of danger to public health.

§15-212-111 – Littering or polluting land areas prohibited.

(a) No person shall throw, place, leave, deposit or abandon, or cause or permit to be thrown, placed, left, deposited or abandoned any litter, except in receptacles designated by KBH for the disposal of such materials. “Litter” as used in this section includes any and all types of debris and substances, whether liquid or solid, and materials such as garbage, refuse, rubbish, glass, cans, bottles, paper, wrappings, fish or animal carcasses or any other substances which render harbor lands or facilities unsightly, noxious or otherwise unwholesome to the detriment of the public health and welfare and effective and safe operation of the harbor.

(b) No person shall deposit oil, oily refuse, sludge, chemicals or other hydrocarbons on state property except in specially designated collection points. These items may not be left in or near standard refuse containers or anywhere else on harbors property. Penalties, including but not limited to the revocation of mooring permits and the right to use the facilities, may be invoked.

§15-212-112 Littering or polluting of water prohibited.

No person shall place, throw, deposit, or discharge, or cause to be placed, thrown, deposited, or discharged into the waters of Kewalo Harbor any litter, or other gaseous, liquid or solid materials which render the water unsightly, noxious or otherwise unwholesome so as to be detrimental to the public health and welfare, or a navigational hazard. No person shall discharge oil sludge, oil refuse or fuel oil either directly or indirectly, or pump bilges containing other than clean water Kewalo Harbor.

§15-212-109 Closing of wharves for safety reasons.

The harbormaster may close the wharves or any portion thereof and regulate and control the use of the same whenever, in the harbormaster’s opinion, it is advisable to do so for reasons of safety, fire prevention, or probable interference with cargo handling or vessel operations. No person shall enter upon any wharf so closed without the permission of the harbormaster.

§15-212-121 Fishing Prohibited.

Fishing as described in section 187A-1, Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes is prohibited from all piers, wharves and bulkhead walls.

§15-212-123 Liquor prohibited on Kewalo Basin and waterfront properties. Except in accordance with a permit issued by the City & County Liquor Commission or provided in a revocable permit, no person shall consume any liquor as defined in section 281-1 Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes, at Kewalo Basin or its waterfront property except by prior permission for each occasion.

§15-212-151 Construction of structures.

No buildings or structures of any nature shall be erected or constructed on KBH property, nor shall existing structures be modified, without obtaining the prior permission of the KH Harbormaster and any other governmental agency as required by law. KH may require plans, specifications, and other pertinent data to accompany any request for construction or modification of state facilities. In general, approval shall be dependent on an agreement to return the property to its original state when vacating the property, if requested by KBH.

Please note: All repair, construction, and maintenance work at Kewalo Harbor shall only be conducted during harbor business hours which are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. HST. All vendors performing work at Kewalo Harbor shall check in at the Harbormaster’s office prior to starting any job.

Fueling Procedures

All members who fuel their vessels in Kewalo Harbor must follow the fueling procedures. Fueling of vessels in Kewalo Harbor must only be done by authorized petroleum providers. Kewalo Harbor rules do not allow tenants to fuel their vessels without a State Permit.

Failure to follow these procedures may result in termination of fueling privileges.

Stop all engines.

Extinguish all smoking materials.

Adequate lighting must be available when fueling before sunrise and after sunset.

For all vessels receiving fuel in Kewalo Harbor, two crew members must handle fueling duties: one to handle the nozzle and another to watch for spills and use oil-absorbent pads to make sure no fuel is spilling from vents into the harbor.

The fuel truck operator will bring the filling nozzle to the boat; the fuel pump will not be turned on until both parties are convinced proper diligence is done to prevent spills.

Truck driver from fueling company is to be situated at the truck to read off amount of fuel dispensed and to be able to use emergency shut off in case of a spill.

At the vessel a fuel absorbent pad is to be placed around nozzle at all times, before/during/after fueling and until hose is replaced on truck.

When fueling, the filling nozzle must be in constant physical contact by the person filling and not to be left unattended.

Stop frequently to take measurement of your fuel tank this will avoid overfilling and creating spills.

It is advisable, if possible, to constantly monitor the fuel level in the fuel tank while fueling.

When fueling is completed, wait for a short period of time to let excess fuel in hose stabilize.

You must always have sufficient absorbent pads available in close proximity of the fueling operation!

Report all spills to the Kewalo Harbormaster immediately.

Kewalo Harbor Office (808) 594-0849

Kewalo Harbor Master (808) 594-0851

U.S. Coast Guard 24 hours (808) 842-2600, (808) 842-2601, (808) 842-2606

Kewalo Harbor Management personnel may be in attendance to observe fueling operations and record any violations of procedures and report spills to the necessary parties.

*Failure to follow these procedures may result in termination of fueling privileges.