Situated between the hustle and bustle of Waikīkī and historic Downtown, the Kewalo Harbor—which was originally known as the fishery of Kukuluae‘o—has served the community for centuries as scores of fishermen helped to supply and sustain Honolulu with fresh seafood. In 1913 the harbor, which was then owned and operated by the Victoria Ward ‘ohana, was sold to the Territory of Hawai‘i where it continued to serve fleets of fisherman, recreational vessels, and ocean lovers for decades.


However, time and the elements have taken their toll on the harbor, with the location currently in dire need of upgrades and repairs. As part of their vision to rejuvenate the surrounding area, the Howard Hughes Corporation has recently taken on the responsibility of managing the harbor. With an eye honed towards revitalization, there are currently plans in the works to not only upgrade the harbor’s existing infrastructure for recreational and commercial vessels alike, but to create an environment that will appeal to all walks of life—mariners, ocean lovers, and landlubbers included.


“As we move forward, the public can expect to see a cleaner, greener revitalized waterfront at Kewalo,” said Race Randle, VP of Development at Howard Hughes. “We’re going to create an environment that will connect the people of Honolulu to an array of activities centered around the ocean while also upgrading the infrastructure as well. We’re creating more slips within the harbor, updating our safety features, adding additional parking places for surfers and beachgoers, and creating a retail and restaurant experience that will cater to families and individuals looking to connect with this amazing location. We’re very excited about the future of the harbor. Our plans are really going to connect the community and enhance the neighborhood.”

To keep the community involved in the development process, Howard Hughes has hosted a series of public hearings. Under the mantra of “Kewalo Is, Was, and Should Be,” the public has helped to provide important insight into creating a more vibrant harbor, all the while never losing sight of the area’s rich history. A website,, has been created to provide the latest news on the harbor’s planned rejuvenation.


Numerous local organizations along with the HCDA (the agency responsible for community development) that share an interest in seeing the development move forward in a positive manner have applauded the current plans to rejuvenate the harbor. In the coming months, as the revitalization begins, the public will watch as a new destination for both visitors and locals alike takes root in one of the most storied and historical locales in Honolulu.

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