Information For Vessel Owners

Slip Application
Application for a slip at Kewalo Basin Harbor.
Slip Map
A Map of Kewalo Harbor.
Request for Slip Transfer
Request for transfer to a different slip in the harbor.

For commercial vessels:
Monthly Gross Receipts Report
All commercial vessels must file this report every month along with the General Excise and Use Tax Return Form.
Reference Guide
Bareboat Charter and Passenger Quick Ref. Guide. – USCG
Laws and Regulations
Commercial Passenger vessel laws and regulations. – USCG

Environmental – Best Management Practices for Kewalo Harbor Members
Topside cleaning
Tips to clean your vessel environmental friendly.
Vessel repairs
All about repairs on your vessel while being in the harbor.
Preventing fuel and oil spills
Tips to prevents any spills into the environment.
How to keep your fueling process safe and clean.
Fire Extinguishers
Regulations on Fire Extinguishers.
Battery care
How to keep your batteries secure.
How to dispose of your business properly.
Pump out location map
Where to find the pump out and restrooms in Kewalo Harbor
Local pump out location map
Pump out stations around the Hawaiian islands with credit to DLNR
Pump out Procedures
Not sure how to use the pump out station? We got you covered
Solid Waste
Help to keep the oceans clean
Hazardous Waste
What to do with hazardous waste
Hauler and Recyclers List
The Hawaii State Department of Health list of Haulers and Recyclers
Fish Waste
How to dispose of Fish waste properly
Underwater hull cleaning
Tips for everything under the water line
Antifouling sampler
Some strategies to alternative antifouling
Aquatic invasive species
Help to prevent the introduction of non-native species

BMP’s for Kewalo Harbor Members
Can’t get enough? All above files combined into one document !

Hawaii Administrative Rules: Chapter 15-211
Hawaii Administrative Rules: Chapter 15-212
Hawaii Administrative Rules: Chapter 15-213
Hawaii Administrative Rules: Chapter 15-214
The harbor rules for your review.

Marine Incident Report
The U.S. Coast Guard and Kewalo Basin Harbor requires vessel owners to submit a marine incident report in the event of a collision, damage, injury or death occurring within the harbor.